I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog from some time. However I have never had enough time for this. I was also justifying lack of decision in that matter by thinking that nobody will want to read it (point still valid).

But there are many reasons people may want to start blogging (even for themselves). In my case there are just these:

  • Writing about technical matters encourages better understanding and memorizing technical details.
  • Sometime I encounter problem (and even solution or workaround) which is not yet well documented – so there is a chance I might help somebody.
  • As a Polish citizen who grew up in 70s/80s in Poland – I’ve been always struggling with English language (Russian was obligatory when I was a child) – so here is another reason to improve it.

So if you ever find this page useful – I will be more than satisfied.

P.S. The silly name of this blog “_overtime _underworker” is just a play of words around on how I feel about my work 😉 Do not know if it makes any sense in English (see third point above).